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Christ Central Church is a church plant in the heart of Charlottesville, Virginia. We have been called here to love the city and call a group of real people into a community of faith.

We are affiliated with a denomination called the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP). This denomination has deep roots in the Southeast and is the oldest Presbyterian denomination in the United States. It is known for faithfulness to the Scriptures as the Word of God and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are a confessional church that holds to the Westminster Standards.

We hope to be a Christ-loving community that is a catalyst for life change, Gospel-neighboring, and radical service with God to others as Real People, through Real Community, meeting Real Needs.





The Gospel or "good news" of Jesus Christ is the focal point of the Scriptures, and we believe that it should also be the focal point of the church. The Gospel changes, defines and empowers us.

Gospel doctrine leads to Gospel community - characterized by honesty, safety, forgiveness, and above all—love.


We will do a few things and we will do them well.  We are committed to three simple things:

  • Worship - God is the at the center of all that we say and do. Worship is first and foremost honoring and glorifying Him.

  • Community - We gather, and we scatter. We come together to be refreshed and to go out and refresh others with love and grace.

  • Life Transformation - discipleship is at the heart of what we do as a church.

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Humility is the foundation of many things we want display and practice - Unity, service, generosity, and hope.

We will strive toward humility with a focus on prayer and submission to God.

We will serve shoulder-to-shoulder as a people and place of warm welcome. No one is unimportant or less worthy of Love.


We celebrate standards set and lived imperfectly by those who have gone before us on similar paths.

Our traditions are informed by the best of past wisdom and future grace.

We will also be bold to blaze new trails as we follow the leading of Christ in this new era of the church.